Time to give your accounting business a
Boost your profits, your freedom and your readiness for the future.
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Time to give your accounting business a
Boost your profits, your freedom and your readiness for the future.
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Marcus Alm
Reply Accounting
 A brilliant time with a great man called Shane Lukas... a lot of things to bring back home and work with. I really liked the pricing part and how to sell and deliver advisory. 
What is PracticeBoost?
Practical, Actionable, Inspirational
Empowering Transformation: Gain the knowledge, belief, and confidence to enact meaningful change in your practice. So you enjoy greater profits, more free time and a future-proof approach to added value work.
Workshop, Not Lecture:  This is an emphatically hands-on workshop, not a theoretical lecture. You’ll learn practical, proven strategies to enhance your business and advisory skills; strategies that have been honed and perfected over 25 years.
Action-Ready Learning: Leave energised and inspired, with clear, actionable steps for productising services, value pricing, attracting ideal clients, and comfortably delivering advisory solutions.
Collaborative and Fun Environment: Enjoy a relaxed, friendly setting for immersive learning, including round-table discussions, networking opportunities, and direct access to expert advice for maximum value.
Continued Profession Development: 7 hours of CPD focused on business improvement, a rare opportunity to fulfil your professional development needs while gaining skills that directly enhance your personal and client success.
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Annika Andersson
H.A. Accounting and Administration
 I worried if this course would be right for me. I was inspired!

We all need to be boosted
🙂 I was stuck in old routines and habits. This is the right time, I'm ready to expand and free my own time. 
What you'll discover...

Absolute Clarity

How to easily achieve your personal and accountancy business goals - fast!
You'll get absolute clarity on where you want to take your practice and how to get there.

This works.

It works if you want to fix your cashflow, your profitability or your low-performing team.

It works if you’re constantly firefighting and constantly overworked.

And it works if you want to grow your practice, deliver added value and develop yourself as business leader.
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Value Pricing

Communicate and Price Your Value
As technology accelerates book keeping and accounts production work, your value reduces in your clients' eyes.

Discover how to confidently showcase your value to clients... even the price sensitive ones. So they start to see you as a vital asset for their business.

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Get great clients

Easily Attract your ideal clients
Word of mouth referrals can be great. But often, you don't get the quality of client you really want yet you still feel compelled to take them on.

Discover how to position yourself in a way that attracts the kinds of clients you enjoy working with, who pay you great fees for work you love to deliver.

You'll come away with specific ways to take control of the kinds of clients you'd love to have referred to you you.

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Advisory that counts

Deliver advisory that counts
As an accountant, using your skills with numbers is your superpower.

Learn how to deliver powerful business improvement solutions that clients will want to buy from you (and you don't need to know your clients’ business inside out)

Have you ever met anyone who wouldn't like to earn a little more and work a little less?  That's the difference you can make regardless of the size of your client's business.

Come away with a clear understanding of what 'advisory' really is and how you already have the skills to deliver powerful solutions confidently.

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Leverage your time, choose your hours.

Gain greater freedom
To create the business and the lifestyle you want, you need to leverage your time. So you stop being the overworked, underpaid bottleneck and start being the one in control.

Discover proven ways to build an efficient, effective accountancy practice that gives you the freedom to work fewer hours, earn greater income and take uninterrupted time off.
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Your detailed improvement plan
You will come away knowing EXACTLY what you need to do to get your results.

This event isn't about showing you the possibilities and then leaving it up to you (or selling you an expensive solution). We want you to reap the rewards of the learning. We'll work with you to create and prioritise a plan that will take you to your dream practice.

You don’t need to buy anything either from us or elsewhere in order to make these actions happen.

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Your risk free guarantee
If at the end you don't feel PracticeBoost was worth your investment, we'll refund 100% of your ticket. No quibble.

So there's no risk to you, nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Your Inspirational Speaker
Shane Lukas
Author - Speaker - Trainer - Coach
Best selling author of...
Putting Excellence Into Practice
and What's Next for Accountants
plus many more.

Shane has transformed the lives of thousands of accountants by showing them how to create an accounting business that works for them - profitably and systematically - enabling them the freedom to have the lifestyle they desire. 

At PracticeBoost, you'll discover how you can do the same. Our unique approach gives you the knowledge and the confidence to start making the changes you've always wanted.

Shane's insights into what really works come from four decades of working with accountants, understanding their stress and anxiety and seeing the transformation they can make.
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Erika Ekblom
Evolve Accountancy
 Really inspired... good time spent and a lot of value received. Networking with other accountants... real tips of how and what kind of advisory services we can sell. 
Are you ready for Accountancy v2.0?
Accountancy 2.0: Accountants, empowered by artificial intelligence, transition from traditional, basic service providers to strategic partners.

By harnessing data, they offer clients invaluable insights, guiding them towards superior business performance and an improved life quality for the business owners.

Are you truly ready?  Only change resistant accountants are in denial that this is happening, delivering a pure compliance solution is not a viable option.
Valued, endorsed and highly recommended by your peers...

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Where, when and your investment
The workshop takes place on 17th July at AVN's office in Derbyshire, running from 9.00am to 5.00pm with morning, lunch and afternoon breaks.

Your investment is ÂŁ297 + VAT - your returns are time, money and fulfilment.

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Sean Poland
Sepo Accounting
 I would definitely recommend the PracticeBoost to other accountants because it makes ideas concrete and gives a system to think/follow to improve. I enjoyed Shane's style of presenting.
Frequently Asked Questions
 What can I expect to learn at PracticeBoost? 
Techniques that are backed by research and proven through practical application by accountants just like you.

Believe it or not, many accountants face similar challenges whether they've been in practice for decades or months.

You'll gain actionable insights into transforming your practice, increasing profits, and achieving a better work-life balance. Learn to future-proof your business with practical advisory skills.

 Who is this event for? 
PracticeBoost is designed for accountancy practice leaders who feel they've become a bottleneck in their firm, are looking to transition from compliance to advisory roles, or want to leverage their time better.
 What makes PracticeBoost different from other accounting workshops? 
Unlike traditional lectures, PracticeBoost is a hands-on workshop with proven strategies backed by over 25 years of experience helping accountants thrive in their businesses.

Shane Lukas uses metaphors that make understanding and adopting these Practice-Boosting strategies easy and actionable.

 How interactive is the event? 
Very! Expect round-table discussions as well as full interaction with Shane, you're not expected to just listen, if you have questions, they're welcomed at any time.  Shane's wealth of experience means that what ever challenge you throw at him, he'll answer and help you address any concerns you have about implementing the techniques he shares.
 Will I be sold to at the event? 

You're paying for value and value you shall receive.  There will be no selling at all, you will come away having received outstanding value and have a clear plan going forward.

 Do I need to bring anything to the event? 
Just bring yourself and a willingness to learn, we'll provide you with a notebook and pen and if you prefer to take notes digitally, simply bring your note taking device. All other materials will be provided.
 Is this event suitable for those new to business advisory? 
Absolutely. Whether you're new to advisory services or looking to enhance your existing skills, PracticeBoost will provide valuable insights and tools tailored to all levels of experience.
 What if I just have low level, price sensitive clients? 
Not a problem, some of the techniques we'll share have proven to have massive appeal to even the more reserved, price sensitive and change resistant clients but in addition, we'll share with you ways to improve your clients base too so that you can deliver the services you want to, for the income you want to earn, to the clients you love to work with.
 What is the refund policy if I'm unable to attend? 
We offer a full refund up to two weeks before the event. After that point, we can offer a credit towards a future event.
 How do I get to the venue, and is parking available? 
Detailed directions to the venue will be provided upon registration, including information about parking and public transport options.
 Will there be any follow-up after the event? 
Our mission and desired outcome from the event is that you don't just leave with a load of notes, but that you're willing and eager to implement the actions and ideas you've taken away from the workshop.  Everyone who attends is entitled to a 100% free Post PracticeBoost Implementation session where a 1 to 1 discussion will take place and any specific details and questions can be addressed.
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